Icy Steel Cryo Ice Globes

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 ZAQ Icy Roll Ice Globes are a unique and effective way to improve your skin's appearance and relieve stress and headaches. The globes feature a rotating design that allows for 360-degree free rotation for a relaxing and effective massage. They can be used with your favorite face cream, serum, or sheet mask to enhance their effects.


  • Eliminates redness and calms skin after waxing, extractions, and electrolysis
  • Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates skin, excellent after various peel and microdermabrasion
  • Helps set makeup
  • Excellent treatment for sinus, puffy eyes, headaches, and migraines
  • Stimulates the nerves and exercises facial muscles
  • Helps to reduce large pores
  • Tightens skin and eliminates fine lines
  • Soothes skin after acne treatment
  • Provides a cool finishing touch at the end of each facial


  • Smooth roller design for easy rotation over the skin
  • Suitable for all face structures
  • Safe and easy to use with unbreakable steel ice globes that only require a few minutes in the freezer or a bowl of ice water
  • Comfortable handling with easy-grip handles
  • Minimizes oil production and shrinks pores to prevent acne
  • Intensifies blood circulation under the skin for a fresh-looking face
  • Relieves stress and fatigue with gentle facial tissue exercise

To use, simply place the globes in the freezer or a bowl of ice water for a few minutes, then apply a moisturizer, oil, or moisturizing mask to the skin before using the globes. For added benefits, try using a tea tree essential oil face serum, which has been proven to target skin imperfections, acne breakouts, blackheads, and enlarged pores without the negative side effects of Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide.