Some of y'all know this, but I'm not exactly from here... I was born and raised outside the US, though both my parents (and me by that virtue) are Americans. I was born in Saudi Arabia, and lived there and throughout Europe until college. And my parents now live in Spain, which is why I so frequently find myself stranded in airports.

Today's is Charlotte en route to Madrid, which I have to say is a lovely and very easy airport. Travel tip of the day: enjoy a few minutes in the white rocking chairs in the atrium- there's often a live pianist and you can regain that feeling of civilization before being herded back onto the metal tube of recirculated air (I mean, plane...). 

The good news is that The Grove online is open 24/7. All it requires is a whole bunch of plugs for all my Apple products :)  We have some great new LaRoque posted, and I'm loving the new, super affordable maxi dress we just got. PS., It has pockets! Which I might need to fill with all the snacks I need to get through this storm delay...

I hear a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc calling my name from the lounge- we all promise to keep you up to date on Grove happenings, and miss seeing your faces in the store but I know you're excited to see what we're creating! 



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