It’s been 1640 days since we opened The Grove on Welbourne Avenue, and SO MUCH has happened! We have been blown away by the support of our local community, and when we launched the website, so many near and far. As women with retail backgrounds, we thought we knew what we were getting in to, but in reality its been so much more. What we have loved about The Grove, is that it’s not been just a place to buy a great dress, or the perfect lamp, or some fun earrings, but that’s it been our place. Women stop in and let us know what’s happening in their lives- the good, the bad, and the unbelievable. We’ve been a first stop for news of amazing successes and also some real disappointments. But what we’re really proud of is that you all have shown up. So as we look at our fifth year of doing this, we asked ourselves what The Grove should look like… and this is what we came up with!  

Grove Interior

Our new building is going to be a gathering place, a store where you can find all the Grove goodies you’ve come to love, but also where we host events that complement your life. On our patio you can take a barre or pilates class. In the courtyard you may find a floral pop-up to make you smile. We’ll be proudly partnering with some immensely talented women to share their products with you. And we’re going to experiment with our business hours- open early so you can swing by after school drop-off,  by-appointment times for more personal service, etc. As you can see…we have big plans! 

So what are we doing in the meantime? Great question! We’re going to keep you filled in during our Summer break- kids are going to camp, there are family and friends celebrating weddings and events, and few international trips are booked. But The Grove is also our priority. We’re always open online… the website will be filled with new styles, and we’ll continue to connect with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. We’ll also do a pop-up here and there… let us know where you want to see us! 

And finally, mark your calendars for October of 2019- we’re can’t wait to show off the new space, it’s going to be something really special!



Meredith, Emily & Amanda


Amy McKenna said:

So excited to see the new store and check out all the exciting events and pop ups you have planned for that space. I will miss coming by this summer but I hope you have an amazing few months of well earned time away (although I know you’ll still be working too). Amy

Amy said:

I can hardly handle the excitement! Congrats gals🎉🎉🎉

Ebonee said:

This is so exciting 😍 I can’t wait to see the new place. Congratulations ladies

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