Definition of Camp

When we found ourselves with a few free hours in NYC, all thoughts turned to the Met and getting to feast our peepers on the "Camp" show. We all love to watch the annual Met Gala, and to see what the tastemakers, troublemakers and celebs are wearing, but seeing the exhibit in person was the real treat. And as girls that can fully embrace the Camp aesthetic, it was pretty special...
Amanda and Meredith at the Met

Having flown in from Atlanta that morning, we also had our recent apparel purchases on the brain. The good news is we're as campy as ever! For every piece we saw at the Met, we can trace back something we just bought for Fall '19 or Spring '20. I don't know what that says about The Grove, other than we aren't afraid to have fun. So buckle up- there's some good stuff on the way!


Psychedelic prints

Platform crocs

Well, except maybe the Crocs... we definitely don't have Crocs.


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