The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science
Subtitled 'better home cooking through science', this epic book will leave you armed with loads of evidence-based culinary knowledge, tips and tricks you can share with clients and use to build your practice. Written by J. Kenji Lope-Alt of Serious Eats fame, it will be the most beautiful, practical and helpful 'science' book you'll ever own. Features:

  • Recommendations for home cooking gadgets and tools, with tips on how to use them to give meals more flavor and nutrition
  • Cooking basics you can use to help your clients makeover their kitchens and become better cooks, and healthier people!
  • In-depth look at the evidence-based science behind cooking, presented in practical form and broken down by food group
  • Gorgeous pictures, helpful charts, callouts and recipes--this is a science book that wants to be a cookbook, and you gets the benefits of both!