Bonnie Backpack | Hot Pink


Introduced here is the Bonnie Backpack, a truly unique item made by the hands of expert artisans in El Salvador. This trendy backpack is also good for the planet because it's made from recycled plastic. Each and every one of these purses is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted with the highest care and attention to detail thanks to the centuries-old weaving process employed in their creation. The backpack is practical and fashionable, with a large main area that can hold all of your necessities while you're on the go. Thanks to its flexible straps, it's comfortable, too!. This woven backpack purse will quickly become your favorite bag because of its versatile style and sturdy construction.


H 13” X W 9.5” X D 3.5”

Care Guide

Rinse out with soap and water- virtually indestructible!